5 Tips to Clean your Kitchen Fast

if not prepared for properly. With all the large appliances and complicated smaller ones, it can be quite the feat to clean it quickly and still have the result you require. Knowing a couple of simple tips can make your cleaning process hassle-free and easy to keep up with.

Stay Consistent

Cleaning the little messes before they pile up into a larger one can save you a lot of time in your overall cleaning. Small spills can be wiped up quickly with a paper towel or wash rag. If they are sugar-based or non-meat spills then sometimes all it takes is a quick swipe with a watered rag and you are done. Remember to clean up dishes as you dirty them as well. These two simple steps keep your kitchen generally clean and helps you avoid having to do pre-cleaning cleaning.

Soap is Rarely Your Friend

5 Tips to Clean your Kitchen Fast

Most soaps will leave streaks and scum-lines that nobody wants, as you spend more time cleaning those off than the messes themselves. Instead, stick to ammonia or bleach depending upon your need. Be VERY careful not to mix the two components (bleach and ammonia) however, as they create a dangerous emission when combined.

Stovetops and Counters

Most counters can be dealt with using an ammonia-based cleaner and a rag. For tops that can handle it, you can use bleach or heavier cleaners as well to pick up those set-in stains. The stove can be a little more tricky to clean up. Using a window cleaner for glass tops can be a useful quick fix. Coil burner or gas burner tops require a more focused approach. Using steel wool on your coil stove covers is a great way to get that built up grease and grime that sets into the metal bottoms.

Refrigerators and Freezers


Attacking these appliances can sometimes be a hassle. Again, preparation can help stop the headaches by cleaning up small messes immediately. If you do find yourself with buildup, remember that taking on shelving and sidings one section at a time makes your work go quickly and easily. For Freezer messes, using a rag soaked in warm water and ammonia will help lift off frozen-in stains on the flooring or sidings.

Coffee Maker

One of the most overlooked items to clean in a kitchen is a coffee machine. Cleaning these can be a hassle, but luckily a common household item is an easy fix. White vinegar can be put through the cycle instead of water for a quick and easy clean. Simply use white vinegar instead of water (not with coffee of course) and run it through the cycle. After dumping out the contents, run cold water through the process twice to rinse out the vinegar solution. You will then have a squeaky-clean coffee maker with no extra hassle at all.

With these steps followed, you will be well on your way to a clean kitchen in much less time than usual

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