Best Canister Vacuum On The Market. Which One?

What are some of the top rated canister vacuums on the market ? There are hundreds of canister vacuum cleaners currently being manufactured. To be popular they need to clean floors, stairs, carpets, ceilings and drapes. They also have to be powerful and easy to maneuver in all conditions. Basically, to be included in the review lists in top places, canister vacuum cleaners need to be as complex as possible and to combine this with many features to make the regular job of cleaning easy. Price is also important and influences customers more than many other factors. Nowadays people tend to look at design and costs first and only after that inquire about features.


Many reviews place the Hoover WindTunnel as the best canister vacuum cleaner. The best feature according to customers is that it is very powerful, with incredible suction, just as a canister vacuum cleaner should be. It can also clean edges with ease and includes many accessories to make your job easier in all circumstances.

When it comes to canister cleaners, Eureka vacuums usually stand out. The Eureka Mighty Mite can be placed second to the top, mainly because of price, weight and cleaning possibilities. It’s main features stand in size (11X8X15 inches), a power-touch handle, different brushes, 20-foot cord, overheating protection and different tools. This canister vacuum cleaner only costs around $70.

A brand like Miele couldn’t have been excluded from the list. The Miele Plus Compact Canister vacuum cleaner stands at third place. What really stands out with this model is the filtration system. It is perfect for people that suffer from allergies and for those that really need powerful suction and filtration. The only real con against this model is the price as it does cost more than others.

At fourth place we find a special canister vacuum cleaner, a bagless one. It is the Dirt Devil Breeze Canister vacuum cleaner. Priced around $100, the Dirt Devil shows you exactly how much dirt you gathered until a certain moment. This is done through a visible area in the dirt cup. Besides this the vacuum cleaner is very light and features all-surfaces abilities for perfect cleaning on all floors and carpets.


The Popular Electrolux brand carved its way in the top at fifth place with the Electrolux Harmony Canister Vacuum cleaner. Price is the only factor that can be found against it as it does cost around $300. On the other hand, the main feature is noise reduction. This is one of the quietest vacuum cleaners today. It also features the trademark Electrolux O2 filtration system that includes the popular HEPA H12 filter. A dust bag indicator also tells you how full the bag is at all times.

According to different reviews you might find other models included in the top 5 canister vacuum cleaners. For example, many include Panasonic canister vacuum cleaners in the list. The top present on this page has been done by reviewing different tops around the subject. This is what we consider best and these are the best 5 canister vacuum cleaners at the moment today.

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