Dyson DC23 Review. All Floors Canister Pet Hair Vacuum

While dog owners love their pets, it can be hard to keep a clean home that’s free of dog hair. And if finding dog hair throughout the home isn’t irksome enough, many pet owners suffer from allergies because of this exposure. The solution – the Dyson Dc23 All Floors Vacuum. This vacuum is specifically designed with pet owners in mind. The features make it easy to vacuum up pet hair, while trapping dust and dirt in the process. The ease of this product makes it simple enough to use on a daily basis. During the Dyson DC23 review, we discovered that the DC23 was also the best lightest canister pet hair vacuum.


What sets Dyson apart from the rest is that it uses its signature Root Cyclone technology that spins the dirt out of the air. Most vacuum cleaners use bags or filters to trap the dust, only to find that these are less reliable and tend to redistribute the dust back into the air. Root Cyclone technology however, doesn’t lose suction and releases only clean air. The Dyson Dc23 All Floors Vacuum uses the ever-effective Level 3 Root Cyclone technology.

Because of Dyson’s technology, the Dyson Dc23 is ideal for pet owners that have allergies or asthma. The strong suction sucks up all the dust, dirt and pet hair that can trigger allergic reactions. Furthermore, it uses a sealed HEPA filter, which traps particles that are as small as 0.1 microns. These features make this dog hair vacuum asthma and allergy friendly according to the Allergy and Asthma Foundation of America.
This canister dog hair vacuum features a Telescope Wrap system, which allows both the hose and wand to extend in full length and retract in a matter of seconds. When the hose retracts, the user can use the included accessories, such as the stair tool, crevice tool and dusting brush. These accessories make it easy to get in those hard-to-reach places where dog hair builds up, places that have probably been ignored, until now.

The motorized brushbar deep cleans carpets and floors with its powerful bristles. It glides easily as it uses a low wide roller and two small wheels on either side, a layout that Dyson named the Tri-Ball Arrangement. These three wheels make it easy to navigate the vacuum cleaner throughout the home, moving in both directions. These traits also contribute to the effective and powerful suction, as users can vacuum up pet hair in a matter of seconds.

And of course, one cannot forget that any Dyson product comes with a five year warranty that covers parts and labor. With the special suction technology, there are no extra costs that the user will incur to replace costly bags. Instead, the Dyson Dc23 All Floors Vacuum comes with washable filters. It is recommended that the filters are cleaned every three to six months. No more wondering what canister vacuum is the best , you got Dyson DC23.

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