Eureka RapidClean Step Handheld Corded Vacuum, 41A Review

Before my mother went to buy a vacuum cleaner, I read some customer reviews and found that Eureka Rapid Clean 41A Corded vacuum cleaner has been voted to be the best. After using it, mom felt just the same. She never claims that this device is absolutely best for all as people’s opinion may not match. It worked out excellently for my mom and so, I give to you my detailed opinion of this cleaning gadget.

Design & attachments

Eureka Rapid Clean 41A Corded vacuum cleaner is not much different from its previous model (Easy Clean 71B). The colour as well as front head is a little different when body, container for collecting debris and stretching hose and the crevice tool is quite same. This one is black, with an on and off brushing roll and a brush for bare surface. Both of these available attachments are extremely effective for specialized types of cleaning. Two rolling wheels are attached to the new model of 41A. These wheels help you to drive the device around the house very easily. It is a device with cord which is quite long (25 feet) so that you can reach desired corners of the house. Length of the cord enables you to clean your entire staircase and interior of your car while it is parked in the drive way.

Eureka Rapid Clean 41A Corded vacuum cleaner is a bit heavy as compared to the hand held cleaners. It weighs about 6 pounds. Being a corded device it will not cause much trouble and the rolling wheels are there to enable easy shifting of the device from one part of the house to the other. Most users seem to have adjusted with the weight issue as the suction power and sturdiness turn out to be more effective.

Suction power

Eureka Rapid Clean 41A Corded vacuum cleaner has amazing suction power. Most of the users seem to be mesmerized by its great power. It is a bit noisy, but that is pretty common with high powered devices. It is capable of sucking out dust from car vents and computer components with ease. The system of double filtration prevents any trace of dust from escaping out of the device.

Front head

This model of Eureka Rapid Clean 41A Corded vacuum cleaner is incorporated with a bare floor brush which enables the user to clean bare floor with perfection. It is extremely effective in cleaning wooden floors as the bristles of this brush can uproot ground-in dirt and the powerful suction sucks up all of it. The suction even picks up the hairs stuck between the bristles. This feature implies that the device is extremely well suited to clean pet hairs.

As you need to clean softer surfaces, all you have to do is to remove the bare floor brush and reveal the motorized brush roll.

Ease of cleaning

The transparent cover of the debris collection cup helps you to know when you must clean it. The container is not very big and needs to be cleaned often. It is easy to take out the container from the device and you can replace it with ease as well.

Some of the reviews say that the filter is washable but the manufacturers suggest that the filter must be kept dry. It will be wise to follow the guidelines of the manufacturer and thus, avoid washing the filter. When you find your filters to be too dirty, you can simply change them as replacement filters are not too costly.

Some striking features of Eureka Rapid Clean:

  • This device incorporates a motorized brush roll with 6 amps power for effective cleaning of carpets and rugs.
  • Switching between hard and soft surfaces is really easy.
  • Provision of the brush for bare floor allows you to clean a variety of hard surfaces.
  • The rolling wheels are soft and thus there is no chance of damaging hard wood floor while you drag the device from one part of the house to other.
  • 25 foot long cord is enough to reach the remote corners of the house.
  • Design of this cleaner is such that you can easily wrap the hose and cord around the base and the crevice tool can be stored at the back.


Eureka Rapid Clean 41A Corded vacuum cleaner is perhaps the perfect device to clean your house. Various features of the device make it suitable for cleaning all sorts of surfaces. The heavy weight of the device matches well with the enormous suction power and rolling wheels.

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